Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pipe Cleaners and Strainers

Let's face it, two four year old boys don't always have the best attention span. Especially when it involves sitting at the table doing activities. So I have decided to post some activities that will entertain my boys for more than five minutes ; )

Pipe Cleaners and Strainers

This one is pretty self explanatory. Get out a strainer and some pipe cleaners and let them go to town! I have two because every time I go my mother in laws she gives me something to take home : ) Which came in handy here since my two boys are still learning the importance of sharing. This activity would be great for toddlers developing their fine motor skills. We added some beads for the boys to string onto the pipe cleaners to switch it up (and keep their attention longer). While we did this I had them name the colors of the beads and pipe cleaners and count how many they each had in their strainer when it was time to clean up.

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